Ransom Note Records Announce New Ambient Album From Flug 8


Following on from Bawrut's triumphant Rumba EP, the next transmission on Ransom Note Records comes courtesy of Frankfurt-based multidisciplinary artist Daniel 'Flug 8' Herrmann, whose previous work includes Krautrock-indebted releases on Disko B and Smaul, and collaborations with members of noise titans Einstürzende Neubauten.

Leuchtkraft – which translates as 'luminescence' – is Herrmann's third album under the Flug 8 moniker, and the first entry in our new series of drone/ambient cassette releases. Best consumed as one long, unravelling drift, the album is a sprawling trip through half remembered dreams and future fantasies.

Strictly limited to 50 copies, the cassette release comes housed in a night-blue shell with an extended, double sided inlay card featuring seven panels of exclusive full colour photography from Flug 8.

Out March 10th, Leuchtkraft­ is available for pre-order on limited edition cassette and digitally right now. You can also preview two tracks from the album below:

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