RAMZi, Mars89 & more remix dj_2button EP on Dummy Hand


Noods Radio’s in-house label Dummy Hand have released a remix package of their inaugural release from dj_2button.

The EP features five reimaginations from RAMZi, Mars89, MISH, B. Rupp and DJ Baklava, who each take the originals in completely different directions, each showcasing their own singular production styles.

There’s a dark, squelchy re-rub from Bristolian producer MISH; a goth-tinged noise rework courtesy of B.Rupp; sludgy acid for the dance floor from RAMZi; a wall-shaking, rhythmic take from Mars89; and an ambient remix from DJ Baklava to round things off.


In addition to the remix package, a new official video for one of the original tracks ‘Distant UFO Signals’ has been released. Watch the video below.


Transient Communications (Remixes) is out now on Dummy Hand. This release was produced with support from Youth Music.