Rabit’s ‘Industrial Fusion’ Out Now On Ninja Tune


After getting the nu-grime community excited with his sickly, brutal take on the sound of London's estates, Rabit has joined forces with Dedekind Cut (aka jungle experimentalist Lee Bannon) to create a 4 track EP of modern industrial nightmares. Out today through Ninja Tune, the R&D EP is most definitely not dance music. Unless you're Jigsaw from Saw, who we can quite easily imagine performing a slow waltz to R&D, possibly whilst pulping a strangers cheek bones in a Nutri-Bullet. 

You can listen to Mary-Anne Hobbs dropping the EPs lead track below – we're going to give her the honoury John Peel discordia award for managing to fit it into a show that also included the Specials, Janet Jackson and South London Ordinance..


Listen to the rest of R&D and bag yourself a copy over on the Ninja Tune site.