Prommer & Barck


As part of our ongoing love affair with Pulse Radio we’ve got this little beauty of a mini-mix from Prommer & Barck. They of Permanent Vacation & International Deejay Gigolo fame.

Alex Barck, founder and member of Jazzanova and SonarKollektiv, has teamed up with his longtime friend the producer and musician Christian Prommer, member of Voom:Voom, Trueby Trio, Fauna Flash, who also produced DJ Hells album Teufelswerk for which he was nominated for the German Echo award. They were reunited by their passion for music, their hobby that became their lives and later their mission: good music for the world to hear. Their new project Prommer & Barck sees them return to the live stage and has spawned the delectable album Alex And The Grizzly.

Between them Prommer & Barck have had so many musical experiences and numerous discoveries – electronica, funk, dubstep, nu jazz, punk, wave, Chicago house, handmade music and soul. Those nights at clubs, the records, the shelves, the dirt in the second-hand record shops, the stacked audio- and studio magazines in their toilets or elsewhere in the house, the hours spent making their own radio-shows, hundreds of hotels checked in and out of, dozens of sound-checks done. Last but not least, the revivals, the subgenres, the fusion – the duo have been nothing less than prolific in their contributions across the years.

Check the full mix and download in it’s beautiful entirety click the logo below to be taken to Pulse’s site.
Enjoy x