Priori, Max Abysmal and JD Twitch feature on If-Only charity compilation


To celebrate the 100th chapter of their 'Fortnightly Freebies' column, If-Only have pulled together a V/A compilation of some of their favourite artists, with all profits going to Stonewall Housing, a London-based charity working to ensure LGBTQ people live in safer homes.

A snapshot of If-Only's onsite curation, Big Material pulls together 19 tracks from the likes of A Psychic Yes, Antinote's River Yarra, NAFF boss Priori, Red Light Radio affiliate Max Abysma and Optimo's JD Twitch, touching all corners of the musical sphere from digi-dub to drifting ambient and kaleidoscopic breaks.

A Psychic Yes – Polypore
River Yarra – Cafe del Frog
Material Things – Guided By These Markings
Priori – Pollen
Wilson & Whisper – Gary Blissett
Benoit B – Sonic Shelter
Max Abysmal – Rowly-Ta
Daniel 58 – Measure of Mellow
Bogdan Dražić – Blood Sport
Yohei S – Logas
JD Twitch – Sophie Scholl
Warzou – Joint Métallique
Randstad – God Lust
Eye Measure – Ochen
Rings Around Saturn – H Oeuvre
Ether – Detonator (Furious Frank's Placid Acid Edit)
Moonphase – Elastic Donk (Edit)
Moonbow – I Cried So Hard I Laughed
Aki Aki – Corn Connection