Call Super releases ‘Swallow Me’ EP on Can You Feel The Sun

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Call Super has released a two-track EP, Swallow Me, on Can You Feel The Sun, the imprint they co-run with Parris.

The title track uses a performance from opera singer Kamala Sankaram as a jumping-off point. After being drawn to the vocalist’s singular range, Call Super – real name Joseph Richmond-Seaton – began splicing parts of her recordings into their DJ sets.

The reaction these samples received and the new life they took on in this space inspired Joe to use parts of her vocals from a performance at the final Resonant Bodies festival in New York in 2019, which he pairs with forward-thinking electronics and primal sounds.


‘I Love Like Your Men’ follows; an arp-drenched track that pays homage to the undated diaries of Samuel R Delaney, which Joe describes as “slices of time that cut themselves holes into other times and other places”, whilst drawing inspiration from art, writing and personal events.

In his own words, Call Super describes the influences behind the EP: “When we are young we show our love by emulating those we love. Tributes, respect, adoration, getting lost in things. Trying to become a person we wish to be. Hold that process and don’t be afraid to let it always hold you too.”

Can You Feel The Sun is a platform primarily for Call Super and fellow producer and DJ Parris’ own productions. Call Super has also released music on the likes of Houndstooth, Hessle Audio, Dekmantel and Peach Discs.

1. Swallow Me
2. I Love Like Your Men

Swallow Me is out digitally now on Can You Feel The Sun. The vinyl will drop on 28th October.