Phase Fatale & Pablo Bozzi debut new collaborative project Soft Crash


Ostgut Ton affiliate Phase Fatale & Pablo Bozzi (half of Imperial Black Unit) have announced their collaborative project Soft Crash, with a debut EP on Phase Fatale’s own BITE imprint.

Set for release on November 27th, the release, titled Spritzkrieg sees Payne and Bozzi look to their core influences of synthwave, disco, and early techno to forge a new musical path they call “italo body music”.

Combining references such as William S. Burroughs and J.G. Ballard respectively, the project also functions to explore the fetishization of technology and the body and how the line between those is continually blurred. Increasingly, humans are reshaped and controlled by modern technology to an abysmal state; meanwhile, this technologically-made music can reinsert some emotion to try to bring back out a romantic sensibility and connection.

The EP follows Phase Fatale’s second album on Ostgut Ton earlier this year and Pablo Bozzi’s debut solo EP on BITE last year, as well as his recent record as Imperial Black Unit for Fleisch. Spritzkrieg marks BITE’s last release of the year following a packed schedule that has included outings from Ron Morelli, Terence Fixmer, Unhuman, and New Frames.

Stream the clips of Spritzkrieg below…