Pete Kuschnereit to release new music on Ostgut Ton


The longstanding Hard Wax veteran is set to release his first solo material in twenty years for German techno powerhouse Ostgut Ton. Operating under the alias of Substance he will release a new EP titled "Rise And Shine" in January of 2019 which features five tracks of metallic infused, rhythmic, electronic music drawing upon a wide range of influences and experiences learnt across many years spent working within dance music culture. 

Pete Kuschnereit has also operated under the alias of Dj Pete and has played a piviotal role in the development of electronic music and interconnected communities within Berlin across decades, as a resident and core DJ behind the Wax Treatment party he has helped channel dubstep, grime, house and techno alongside Senegalese polyrhythms. 

The full tracklist can be seen below: 

A1. Rise And Shine
A2. Countdown
A3. Bird Cave
B1. Distance
B2. Cruising

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