‘Peru Boom’ Explores Lima’s Vibrant Electronic Scene


Peru – home, notably, to Machu Picchu, the Inca's, Paddington Bear… and a rich underground electronic music culture, which draws together strands of Brazil's Baile Funk and Angola's Kudoro scenes, trap, techno, reggaeton and their native Cumbia and Chicha sounds to create a heady cocktail of Tropical Bass. 'Peru Boom' dives head first into the chaotic, vibrant city of Lima, exploring culture and locals responsible for this neon, fizzing, energetic scene.

It's the third compilation released through the collaborative powers of Tiger's Milk and Strut records, and can be previewed and ordered over on their bandcamp now. It's a left turn from the previous releases (60s jazz and 70s funk of Peru Bravo and Peru Maravilloso), and is an intriguing look at a scene which is fully realised and under investigated over here.