People Plus release new EP on Mood Hut alongside video


Joli B and CZW make up the dynamic duo who are having a prominent start to 2019 having previously released music on Incienso, the record label based out of New York run by Anthony Naples. The new EP is titled "Third Space" and was "inspired by a digital painting of a house by Marilyne Blais. A printout of the untitled work was pinned to the wall in Casa de Haiku studio, becoming an unexpected influence on the record."

The EP meanders between genres, focussing on the spaces between house, jazz, hip hop, idm and beyond in a dream like haze. The release features five tracks and has been released by Canadian label Mood Hut. 

In celebration of the release the label has also unveiled a visual accompaniment and website which acts as a Sims esque guide to the virtual house..

Watch the video below: 

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