Peach launches new label Psychic Readings with ‘Fortune One’ EP

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Peach has revealed details of her brand new label, Psychic Readings, which will be a platform for her own productions.

The inaugural release is a two-track EP titled Fortune One, which sees the Toronto-born, London-based producer and DJ really come into her own.

She translates the energy and sparkle that she brings to her DJ sets into her productions, taking listeners on a journey through bubbling, bouncy grooves and warm, stripped back rollers, sprinkled with 90s nostalgia but still looking firmly to the future.


Speaking about the EP Peach said: “This sounds like me being the most authentic version of myself yet. I feel connected to these tracks because they represent the beginning of being able to translate my ideas from inside of my head and my heart. This has been a process which has taken me years to feel confident in, and I finally feel a stronger connection between what goes on in my head and what comes out of my speakers.

“Once I wrote these tracks, I realized the inherent need for them to have a space of their own – I wanted a home for my music which I had full autonomy over. The vision I had for the label was inspired by other producers who had self-released their work while infusing a fun & camp-y concept. Once I had solidified the concept for Psychic Readings, everything else came to be very quickly – the sound being what I feel like is most genuinely ‘Peach’ at that time, the art being inspired by the mysticism of astrology and clairvoyant aesthetics, and the overall feeling of the label being cheeky & fun.”

The inspiration behind the name Psychic Readings came from a promising tarot reading Peach had in NYC. You can get your own free reading from Miss Cooky herself, just call: +442081572195.

Fortune One follows Peach’s debut EP, Galaxy Girl, which came out on Shanti Celeste & Gramrcy’s Peach Discs last year and a single on Midland’s Graded imprint back in 2018. 

1. Eclipse
2. Ms Cookys

Listen to ‘Eclipse’.

Psychic Readings will be released on 26th October. Image credit: Marta Michalak