Paul Bell vs MC Perplex


IN 1996 Jason Nevins ruled the world. His remix of Run DMCs Its Like That sold a fucking staggering 5 million (!) copies everywhere, literally everywhere on the globe. Everyone liked it. It had the crazy breakdancing video, it had the bompty bomp drums and it had the Kings of Rap going on about something or other over the top in a damn cool way. And what did Nevins get out of this ? $5000. Thats it. Number one in more than 30 countries and all he got was five thousand measly bucks. Gutted. Still, on the other hand, Nevins can comfort himself with the thought that he had a massive effect on the young Paul Bell and MC Perplex. These two Australians have produced a kind of hip hop electro stomper that sounds a little like Its Like That, except it probably wont sell 5 million copies because its pretty shit. Theres a good dub mix by Danny Merx which is kind of fidgety and has none of the vocals, and in fact sounds nothing like the original in any way. According to the press release Jesse Rose is playing that remix, and good luck to him I say.

Ian Mcquaid