Patricia Escudero’s “Satie Sonneries” Reissued


Gabraciones Accidentales sub-label El Cometa de Madrid first released music in 1986, and has gone on to gain cult status for its experimental, multifaceted output. Having been ran by Luis Delgado, member of the Spanish industrial group Mecanica Popular, the imprint first released Patricia Escudero’s "Satie Sonneries" in 1986.

The LP synthesized the compositions of Erik Satie, modernising the original music in dramatic fashion. Employing a heavy use of FX and timbral manipulation, the record can be seen as an experimental re-imagination of Satie’s work.

Now fellow Madrid label Equilibrio, founded to reissue local artists’ avant-garde music, have re-released the beautiful LP as a 12” album distributed by Rubadub.