The surreptitious fellas of Paranoid London are at it again. Transmission 5 is the follow up to their stole the show record of 2012 Paris Dub. Soon to be released on their own label, this two-track machine workout doesnt deviate too far from their previous offerings, and considering their continued notoriety, why should it?

Released about a year ago, Paris Dub, which features the soulful vocals of singer Paris Brightledge, continues to inhabit the record bags of the worlds most sought after selectors. Bordering on contemporary classic, the track has taken on a life of its own and although to many its inclusion in nearly every recorded set since last summer might be deemed unimaginative, its fair to say that the song itself still sounds fresh and enticing. Transmission 5 bares many of the same hallmarks. Stripped back and intense, the instrumentation walks listeners through the sounds and scenes of Chicago in the 1980s. Warm and analogue, the rhythm section works drives the track with an acid fuelled bass line doing more than its fair share to keep things moving. Add an effusive vocal, similar in tone and intonation to the aforementioned Paris Brightledge offering and the low slung, timelessness of its delivery serves to compliment much more than it conflicts. This is house music in its primordial form, raw and unrestrained.

Paranoid London, so far, have consistently delivered house tracks similar in style to the musics Windy City origins. With this latest release they have once again captured, what for many is the true nature of underground house music. No frills, and without pretence, it is about enjoyment and the freedom of movement expressed by like-minded people through song and through dance.

Transmission 5 will be released on May 20th via Paranoid London
Anthony Mooney