Pan Daijing to release new album ‘Jade’ on PAN


Pan Daijing has announced the release of a new LP ‘Jade 玉观音’, coming via PAN on 4th June 2021.

The nine tracks, which were written and recorded over the last three years, are a departure from the visceral noise-based music we’ve come to know Daijing for, representing a calmer, more tender sound, born from a place of refuge and creative self-sustenance.

Electronic textures and tension-inducing arrangements are met by Daijing’s vocals which arrive fragmented and lost. At times spoken word is said or sung, usually in the form of reflections or experiences, which, when pieced back together, urge the listener to confront the tender parts of her own. Speaking of these songs, Daijing says, “solitude is like an immense lake you’re swimming through,” says Daijing of these songs. “Sometimes you dip your head in and sometimes you lift it above.”

Alongside the album announcement, Daijing has revealed two new commissioned artworks: ‘Done Duet’ at Power Station of Art, Shanghai Biennale (April 17th to July 25th) and ‘One Hundred Nine Minus’ at Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong (May 1st to December).

Since her 2017 ‘Lack’ LP, Daijing has expanded her operatic vision into her multi-disciplinary art, which explores the human voice, electronic sound, choreography and installation, earning her commissioned exhibitions at The Tate Modern, Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

01. Clean 一月
02. The Goat 二月
03. Dictee 三月
04. Tilt 四月
05. Dust 五月
06. Ran 乱
07. Let 七月
08. Metal 八月
09. Moema, Forever 九月

Listen to ‘Dust’ below…

Buy/Stream HERE. Photo credit: Dzhovani.