PAN announce new album from Ziur


PAN have announced the next release in their catalogue, an LP from Berlin-based musician, producer and DJ Ziúr.

Titled ‘Antifate’, the album is “an abstract reference to the mythical land of Cockaigne, a utopia where wine flows freely and houses are made of cake, that provided escapist fantasy for medieval peasants.”

The sonic representation of this takes the form of a fantastical and magical soundtrack, exploring the theme of closeness and connection in a climate where distance is enforced. Using electronic and acoustic instrumentation that melt into one another, with distorted rhythms and euphoric touches, she creates a “breathing organic universe” that’s totally her own.

A longtime fixture in Berlin’s nightlife, Ziúr has crafted a sound that is true to her journey, releasing music via the likes of Planet Mu, Infinite Machine and Now Now.

Listen to ‘Antifate’ streaming now.

Pre-order HERE.