oxfam publish new report oninequality


On the eve of the meeting at Davos of The World Economic Forum, Oxfam has published a damning report on economic inequality.

The report, titled ‘Working For The Few: Political Capture and Economic Inequality’ is full of eye opening statistics such as the fact that the world’s richest 85 people now share greater wealth between them than the poorest 50% of the global population. That’s around 3.5 Billion. Another stat puts the world’s richest 1% as having 65 times the wealth of the poorest 50%.   

The report summary lists a series of pledges that Oxfam are imploring the attendees of Davos to sign up to, covering taxation, transparency and a commitment to the living wage.?

Read a summary of the Oxfam report HERE.

More info on The World Economic Forum, which takes place 22nd-25th of Jan, HERE.