Overmono release new single from forthcoming EP


‘Gfortune’ is the second single released in anticipation of their forthcoming ‘Cash Romantic’ EP which sees full release 8th April via XL Recordings.

The fraternal duo released ‘Gunk’ three weeks ago (8th March): a single that pre-empted the continuation of the at-once-nostalgic-and-futuristic sound which defines their latest releases. ‘Gfortune’ maintains these motifs – with processed vocals and reverb-doused synths – but places them in the context of a melancholic down-tempo composition.

Speaking on the new track, Overmono said: “The idea for Gfortune was to make something that sounds like it’s gonna fall apart any minute. Like it’s broken but in a beautiful way, kinda like Bad Boy by Frankie Knuckles and Jamie Principle. To our ears, a lot of those old Chicago tunes have that feel to them, there’s a vibe to those records that’s stone cold and something we always go back to.”

Listen to ‘Gfortune’ here.