Optimo’s Jd Twitch Shares Mini Mix Ahead Of Vinyl Factory Collection


With the release of JD Twitch’s compilation of early ‘80s synth, industrial and cold wave incoming, Optimo’s Keith McIvor shares a mini mix featuring some of his favourite tracks and key moments from the collection. The promo mix includes Front 242, Chris & Cosey and The Klinik and the forthcoming long-player was made to keep his missus happy. Coined from the cover of 70's Sound magazine – "Listen to the cold wave roar from the '70s into the '80s", the LP will also feature Throbbing Gristle, Tuxedomoon and Gerry & The Holograms in the sixteen track line-up.

JD Twitch's compilation 'So Low' is released on The Vinyl Factory on 19th February and can be pre-ordered HERE.