OMMA readies a new album for Antinote Records


The eclectic producer, dj and educator from Moscow will release the "1905" LP on the 20th of October later this month in what will be her first outing on Zaltan's renowned imprint. 

The album is a weaving tapestry of experimental electronics, abstract pop and psychedelia. OMMA might perhaps be better known for her work as part of the experimental technology project  PLAYTRONICA in which she reworks everyday objects into musical instruments. This project has led to international appearances across Europe at the likes of CTM and beyond. 

This is her second album, he first emerged on Coastal Haze last year. The new release features an array of instrumentation including DIY devices such as the Organelle Synth, Yamaha sampler vss-33 and a voice glitcher from the Russian company Naked Boards.

A teaser has been released in line with the announcement: 

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