Oliver Coates Releases New single On Rvng Intl.


The London-based cellist, composer, and producer has released his first music on the influential record label following on from his recent feature on Foom last year. The new single titled "Charlev" sees him working independently having previously collaborated with the likes of Laurie Spiegel and John Luther Adams. The release will be available on both vinyl and digital with a new video having been released in collaboration with visual designer Leah Walker in a video portrait of Cuba. She describes the video as follows: 

“Instinctually, with visuals, I want to compliment music with a kind of synesthesia. Maybe it’s like love at first sight, that music and image can be fully unrelated but connect so much. Cuba was an accidental base for the video, so I just felt through what I was seeing, scrapbook-style."

Watch the video below: 


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