Nicolas Jaar Set To Publish Book


Chilean DJ and producer Nicolas Jaar has announced his next project. He's set to publish a book entitled Network, which will be co-published by Printed Matter and his label Other People.

The book is a culmination of previous projects that included an online, semi-fictitious radio station that invited listeners to enter a series of numbers and scan through the programmes. The stations are made up of more than 20 hours of mixes from Jaar, as well as his latest album Sirens, and fake stations that were produced with the help of voice actors.

Network the book "is conceived in thirds and built from three primary threads" as with the station. These will include; visual essays and text contributions from Jaar himself, as well as Lydia Lunch and Linda van Deursen, poster artwork advertising 111 radio shows across 333 stations, and lose transcripts of each programme.

Network will retail at $33 and can be pre-ordered from Printed Matter.

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