Nicki Minaj Handstand


This has been out for a while now, forgive me for sleeping…Anyway, Bangladesh, producer of Lil Waynes all time anthem A Milli, is behind this mix tape offering from Nicki Minaj. At times Bangladesh has faced the accusation of producing the same beat ad infinitium. Handstand should work well to disprove that theory, and delivers another bass juddering club hit into the bargain. Out go the slowed down vocal hooks so usually evident on the producers work, in come B-movie horror synths and 4 bit gameboy blips. Naturally the filthy 808 drums stay right where they were. With a beat that tips its hat to the leftfield global ghetto sound beloved by Diplo and crew, and an MC whos less St Martins more San Quintin, it seems that Nicki Minaj is going to beat MIA, Santogold, Kid Sister et al at their own game. Unsurprisingly the lyrics stick to Minajs usual topics she likes bad boys and bad cars, but to be honest I find it easier to believe her avaricious musings than MIAs somewhat misguided attempts to distil complex historical political situations into 3 word sing alongs.

Ian Mcquaid