New compilation showcases ambient, new age and experimental music from 80’s Spain


Bongo Joe Records have announced the release of a sprawling compilation which features a collection of abstract experimental music recorded between 1983 and 1990 in Spain. It includes tracks by the likes of Finis Africae, Suso Saiz and Javier Seguro alongside lesser known musicians and artists. Twenty tracks take in a spectrum of soundscapes and textures emphasising the influence of such experimental electronics on the present day. 

Titled ‘La Ola Interior’, the release is described as follows:

“‘La Ola Interior’ takes a different turn uncovering the bleeps and synths from majority beatless recordings some of which were originaly released on tape as part of ‘tape culture movement’ that flourished until the early 90s. Many of the recordings were cuts from long live sessions, the result of affordable studio equipment that decked out attics and basements. Roughly speaking, the compilation’s producers came from two camps. The first group were bohemian, hippie musicians, experienced and older, who exoticised faraway tropical destinations, and wanted to incorporate otherworldly, and what was once termed ‘ethnic’, sounds into their repertoire. The second were direct descendants of the movida movement, on the edge, underground and shaping musical creativity and output at the time. They were key to the development of the tape culture movement that gave some of these tracks notoriety.”

More details and pre order HERE