Neue Deutsche Welle


NDW  or new deutsch wave oder Neue Deutsche Welle

Deutsch pop from Germany or pop and dance music that was big in Germany.

NDWs roots stem from post punk or new wave from the uk, it developed as bands broke free from language constraints and used the german language with its snapping  onomatopoeia rhyming rhythms and broke out across the world with characters like Falco and Kalus Nomi and Nena Hagen to name a few who had a large impact on culture both musicaly and visually but let’s talk  more about the  groove led music we play at Another Island the fun disco pop party for Europeans in London every other month at The Waiting Room – first one is this sunday 25th with no arbeit im morgen  pop in its free before 12 our sister night in Vienna Everybody’s Darling is an oasis of disco and fun music in a very bland club market dominated by tech house and terrible EDM  –  alles ist so Grau und die jugend sind so dumm

NDW has a special place in my heart. The first time I ever heard a good example in a club apart from TRIO DA DA DA was at Manumaison at the Ku Club or Privilege  in Ibiza  in  the back room being played by the fantastic Colin Peters a resident of ibiazas clubs  for many years
He mixed this in with techno  and electro along with the indie disco classic of The Cure A Forrest  – I was off my head and with my half German mate and he told me the lyrics. From that moment i was transported to the icy wastelands the singer longs to roam as a polar bear  – all was so clear ….alles wr’ so klar.

Grauzone – Eisbar

A real classic  that i only recently heard played out in the wave / synth pop clubs of vienna such as vanity vague  . you havent lived until you have heard it on a good powerful system – needs an edit really and extend the first minute. 

Andi Arroganti – Benzin in Berlin (1982)

Not really a club track but the fantastic scene setting of junkies and madness of the streets of germany  – dead eyes of germany , youth in narcosis , egal , du brauchst deutsch!  Foyer Des Arts – Die Toten Augen Von Deutschland

of course you cant include Yellow as a german group but as they are Swiss they get in on merit alone  as its a classic from those funky chocaltiers 

Not German but French and loved by all German / Austrian / Swiss kids as they often learn french in school with this track – lucky shits !  verdammt scheisse regnerisch insel: euro! NOW !   TUNE ! 

desireless voyage voyage and of course we cant have a selection of ndw / euro tracks without  dieser nette menschen kraftwerk  espousing the beatuy of cross country rail travel and meeting iggy and Herr bowie in Berlin – OV deutsch ist besser , wenn man und maschine is zusammen – alles klarr ? KRAFTWERK TRANS EUROPA EXPRESS

OK so we have had alot of German and and Swiss what about austria ? well not Falco and not Supermax every true disco connoisseur knows them – how about these weirdos singing about a a dark earth devoid of love and some interplaneatary being that trys to re plant the seeds of love truly weird but such a catchy song 

DF – Codo (Ich dse, dse im Sauseschritt)

Last but not least is DAF deutsch american freundschaft. Alot of people misconstrue Gabbi and Robert’s words , actions and themes as portraying them as  extremist fist fucking facists decked in leather. This is partly true and long may they be celebrated however they are not facists they are protaganists they merely point to the dummen leute in german society and the paranoias and fascination of this complex nation  they have produced pure dancefloor classics like Brothers which was featured on the recent Metal Dance Compilation by Trevor Jackson Lauded here within these digital pages  and with another track on the new compilation.  I urge you to buy these fantastic comps as they really form a solid narrative in the evolutition of new beat , acid house and clubbing in europe on the more experimental dancefloors 

DAF ist von allem die beste and gabi invented the strange wavey arm  goth club dance as you can see here 

DAF – Liebe auf den Ersten Blick

So mein kinder I invite to dance with us every other month at the Waiting Room … Another Island awaits you free before 11.30  25th aug and then 18th oct   more info here