Nas & Damian Marley


Youre on a Primark ting, Im Marks & Spencers
I mean come on. Who honestly thought that every paupers favourite boutique would get called out on a Nas track? Hats off to Tinie for dropping the clothing store related metaphors in the first 16 bars of this remix, otherwise this is only a remix in the US rap sense of the word ie its exactly the same song but with a 20 second rap from Tinie crow barred in at the start. As it happens, the track was a winner in the first place with a golden age vibe emanating from the sample based production and Nas sounding a lot less grumpy than he has done recently. Damian Marley has probably had the most consistent career of all the Marley brood and he delivers again here, marrying a classic reggae sensibility to a hip hop flow that works on the dancefloor and on your stereo. Another hit chalked up then.

Ian Mcquaid

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