Nandele Maguni to release new music as part of new trio, Muave


The Mozambique producer will team up with fellow producer, Chris Born, and visual artist, João Roxo, on the new audio-visual project.

Nandele Maguni’s innovative and forward-facing sound incorporates traditional instrumentation into industrial soundscapes, positioning him as one of the central figures in Maputo’s fertile underground music scene.

A new project sees him team up with Mozambican visual artist João Roxo and fellow producer Chris Born, in a trio called Muave which harnesses Nandele’s futuristic artistic vision and aims to provide audiences with a multi-sensorial immersion.


IMAGINARY – the trio’s debut release – was recorded live at the Maputo’s Gala Gala Festival and will be made available as a cassette and a VHS which captures the psychedelic visuals accompanying the album’s deep electronica beats.

The preview track, ‘Nalombo’, features seemingly sporadic, yet fiercely controlled upbeat percussion which is driven by a pulsating synth and punctuated by the suggestion of murmurous vocals. Its video, which you can watch below, visually renders its psychedelic undertones.


IMAGINARY is set for release via Already Dead Tapes and Records on 21st January.