Premiere: Nandele – Module


It was yesterday’s news, thrown out to be drenched in the pouring rain. Though she’d disagree, nobody cared anymore, they’d already moved on to the next disposable piece of gossip. That was just how things worked, the life cycle of information, regardless of its validity, was shorter than most…

In recent years the underground electronic music scene in Mozambique’s capital of Maputo has begun to garner some attention across the pond, put on the map by artists and producers like reputed beat maker and all round musical polymath Nandele. Having been surrounded by music from a young age, Nandele’s influences stretch far and wide, from early influences like Fela Kuti, Kanda Bongo Man and Hugh Masekela to the 90s hip hop beats he used to freestyle over and the grunge band he went on to play drums in at the latter end of the decade.

All of these experiences further ignited his love for drums and later his move into electronic production, which has led to releases on the likes of Kongoloti Records, Already Dead and now London-based imprint Cotch International. His new EP is about challenging preconceptions of what a Mozambique artist should be creating and sees him blending elements of industrial, EBM, minimal synth and heavy hip hop beats with traditional instrumentation and mythology.