Music musings 4/2


“Don’t you take me there, you don’t wanna know, where this crazy cool is about to go…”

Was going to leave the old music musings this week, due to a bumper week of single reviews from Mcquaid?? because I could honestly say that all i’ve listened to this week is the wallowing, over-blown, self-indulgent dream pop depression of beach house… yeah cheers jim, cheers a lot. that and a schizophrenic mix from my brother which included this little beauty from Sir Drew – oop and I see it was on the Rub N’ Tug fabric mix album… realise I haven’t ever checked that out – note to self, requires futher investigation. but then i just checked out Miss Dynamite’s new single from Ian’s review and it’s ffffin massive – think i’m on my 10th play right now. realise how much i’ve missed her. makes me want go out and hear it on a massive, massive soundsystem. zinc crack house + md = club yearning. oh no, crack house appreciation youtube treeness!!

on a completely obtuse angle from there… gadi wolf & lamb played wham’s everything she wants as his last record at mulletover on sat… never thought i’d be on a dancefloor at 6 in the morning dancing to this… but it was massive!! you can’t say i’m not fickly schizophrenic in my music appreciation can you!!

Ole (can’t get an acute on there but you get my spanish inflections… i have no idea why…)

Wil x