Music Musings 2/9


Def still hate digital music – still can’t figure out fkkin serato – luddite!

Joy Orbison on Sunday at Eastern Electrics has to be one of the best sets I’ve heard in ages. Proper forward thinking music… proved to me anyway that he’s not just emperor’s new clothes. There’s a mix from last year by Mr Orbison on mixcloud but still sounds so fresh.

Nasty & I are doing a little piece on Bristol at the moment so naturally we revisited Maxinquaye. Jesus, it still sounds good. How good is Hell is Round the Corner

Renegade Soundwave’s Thunder II still sounds super-fresh after all this time. Ta for that Michelle.

Principal Participant album is super-fly. Check it elsewhere on R$N. 2 free tracks and the whole album for only a fiver… can’t say mad-decent fairer than that!


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