Music musings 27/5


You know when you put itunes on random and it throws up a fffin rubbish selection… then other days it just spews out a load massive amazing randomness you’d forgotten you had on there? Yeah, well yesterday was the latter… it was lush. Here’s a random selection of it’s ‘decisions’

spacemen 3 – big city’s erol remix – check that it’s actually a picture of Loop used on this toob link… thanks Mr Fuzz & Ginos…

feedle – go home! revolving piano – new stuff soon come apparently.

m83 – Jori Hulkkonen Remix

roxy music – same old scene

Jolly good then.

Down Brighton way on the weekend, seeing an old friend… he introduced me to a Talking Heads record I’d never heard… difficult to believe I know but he did… their first single no less, not on any album: building on fire
Ta shaun. Oh and then we started out down a bit of an Eno tip which then led us into John Cale’s
The Man Who Couldn’t Afford to Orgy
good, good…all good.

Did you check Weatherall’s 6mix on Sunday night? No? Well quick, quick before it’s too late on the ole iplayer!

Heard the new Aphex Twin? Nup? Well thank JC for that one…

Holy F**k @ heaven on monday were ace… ta for that Joe. I kind of wrote them off because of their name a bit but was super impressed with them on monday… milkshake sounded amazing. This is from Texas I know but you get the idea. read JC’s review here too…

James Holden‘s new single taken from his DJ Kicks album is pretty lush. Check him playing with Four Tet on 11th down Village Underground innit.

Yeah, well fine… I’m going… OK, I’m going there’s no need to be like that I can leave of my own accord!