Music musings 25/3


Oop, seem to have ended up on a bit a Four Tet tip this week. Happens quite a lot to be fair.

My brother bought the Floating Points mix of his new single on Sunday as we were bowling around Brick Lane drunk and looking like a bunch of Nathan Barley rejects… I’m still a little undecided on it to be honest… he thinks it’s lush. I’m normally wrong on these matters! Next I ended at Kieran’s mix of Pantha Du Prince – two of my favourite albums/artists of the year so far getting remixing the other. Hopefully there’ll be a return mix love soon from Pantha. Then I hit upon his mix of Sia is lush which I had on a 10″ from my ZZonked days. Nice niceness.

How good were Regal Recordings at one point back then? I remember when my flatmate of the time and my ex-gfriend both bought the Brothers In Sound album and the first track on that album was all I heard for about 2 weeks. Perfect for last Saturday morning without a hangover revival.

what is it about that ffffin Florence cover of you’ve got the love??? this answers it here but christ if i hear that record one more time on a trailer for anything… nnnnnh!! (thank god i barely watch tv). they could’ve at least used the xx version! which brings me onto hearing them on a trailer for 90210… i feel betrayed!

Quaidos, yes he of Charity Shoppe, 3rd Party & Ransom Note fame has done a massive mix of classic house, HI- NRG & disco all from charity shop buys… check it here y’all.

my mate’s been getting into pakistani wedding music recently. something to do with her friend’s mum being some massive star over in pakistan. she sent me some… seem to have got myself really into it too. i think there’s 2 reasons for that… a) it’s really good and b) it reminds of me of when i was away in warmer climes… flight booking ensues! anyway, not the greatest sound in the world but this is apparently my friend’s friend’s mum.. musarrat nazir. she’s a bit of star over in pakistan all things considered.

what the fuk is going on with this guy?? thanks for that katie!

Nicked a great compilation off Quaidos the other week with a brilliant German version of Kraftwerk’s The Model. Das Model Ja

While we’re on the German tip, I picked up a Joachim Welt album the other day in Cancer Research over North way the other week. I know nothing about him but there’s some interesting goodness on there… anyone enlighten me? Somehow on the same youtube tree we’re delivered this?

I’m such a sucker for that dumb french house sound. It’s the cheeser in me. he’s not french but this track from Burns is well lush – So Many Nights. Makes me feel good about going outside again… aah, Easter here we come!

On a note of lightness to end. Check out Martin from Heavenly’s King Biscuit Time article… it’s ace and reminds of the poor quality biscuits given away by Viking stationers… if they offer, don’t take em… they taste weird!

OK… forward to a bit of rest before next weekend.