Music musings 4/3


“there’s a certain problem about getting this band to interviews on time!” – fantastic post by jeff from heavenly on his blog about a documentary on factory records – the ins and outs of producing and promoting the monday’s ‘bummed’ – easy job!!

while we’re on the subject of factory… my how the mighty have fallen. since he was in the news recently with his new club in factory’s offices, i keep coming to peter hook djing… what a travesty. sure you’ve already seen that video but check out the bit around 40 secs where it transpires he’s playing a mixmag promo cd! on top of that he only went destroyed, trashed and pillaged one of my favourite post-punk records – check out this atrocity of Delta 5′s Mind Your Own Business by the man himself!

“this girl from london town, seemed to know her stuff…” – not sure why this has just appeared on rcrdlbl again now as it came out at the start of last year as far as i know but Joe Goddard’s mix of The Invisible is still fukkin lush.

They make the same record over and over again… but somehow I still love them… Chromeo’s mix of Tiga’s What You Need – ooh rcrdlbl you’re serving me well this week!

Check out this mix from George Fitzgerald – always found a lot of this stuff a bit chinstrokery but this and that Man Make Music vibe is just lush. Catch em both down the Star on Sat… see what I did there?!

Download Marcia Griffith’s classic cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere’ from Ian’s Charity Shoppe blog – very possibly one of the best covers ever. Why don’t they write more of these posts – they’re lush!

Jesus, Guru had a heart attack?? I had no idea (thanks Mr whitenoiserevisited once again)… now that isn’t good.

Did this ever come out properly? Jay-Z – Jigga What I can’t find it anywhere… think I need to spend a bit more time round Nasty ‘Urban’ Mcquaids more to find out!

Right those Jockey Slut CDs need some addressing too don’t they? Tried to dig them all out this week but can only find 3 of em! Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone blogged the whole lot somewhere… now that would make my week… hint hint. then i can write stuff n things…

oop, one final thing – Dylan playing One Too Many Mornings live in Liverpool… no Johnny Cash but still great…

right, nuf nuffness…