Music Musings 19/8


First of all. Buy this record immediately: Jam Factory’s fist release – ace early 90s house on the A and christ knows what on the flip – you can well hear the dubstep-techno lot playing it tho. There’s only 250 of em, You’ll kick yerself you didn’t pick one up. Don’t say I dint warn ya!

Visti & Meyland Stars Rodion & Mammarella rmx – jesus, this is a bit good. wait for the piano to come in half way through. true lushness. ta steveo

Free shit robot download from his ace album out next month.

Ian beat me to the Lindstrom mix Chemical Brothers ‘Swoon (not true actually I turned him onto it) – but I’d just like to post again as a thanks to the heads up from pither, nice…

roots manuva’s new album’s quite good. this isn’t the best track off there… but it’s free: butterfly crab walk

middle name period by egyptian hip-hop’s quite good… plus it’s a free download again!

getting really into motor city drum ensemble again. how good is raw cuts 3? wish i’d actually picked the 12″ up way back when…

Ooh and there’s a tasty little Justin Martin mix up on Eastern Electrics’ mixcloud. Going to be a banger next weekend in that room with him & Claude Vonstroke… and the MMM boys of course!

Done? Yeah I reckon so…


Juno Records DJ Chart - Shit Robot
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