Music musings 15/7


Did you know that the top cheese at the PRS gets paid 440,000??? No wonder the little men never get paid proper!

Sugar Minott died this week ;( – check this thing of brilliance via Mr Bevan

Nwa Gezani My Love / SHANGAAN ELECTRO – wow. Album must be bought forthwith: Norman?

Free download of K.Frimpong & his Cubano Fiestas track Hwehwe Mu Na Yi Wo Mpena, taken from Ghana Soundz: Afro-beat, Funk and Fusion in 70′s Ghana. Do seriously check the Soundway label, all it’s releases are ace and amazing value. Like an African, rather than Jamaican orientated Soul-Jazz.

Was watching those things on live aid the past couple of nights and was completely amazed by the strength of Queen’s performance. Totally forgotten about it, well I was about 7 when it was on. Check Radio Gaga – command of a crowd is quite ridiculous! Discovered from that they’d chosen to perfom in apartheid South Africa around the same time which put me off the whole thing…

Have you seen the video for Skream’s – Listening to the records on my wall . He’s ace Skream inne? Read some rather ‘sounds all the same’ reviews of his new album recently but still, you def can’t call him your boring backpackery dubstep type can you?

Via some free CD of catalonian electronic music given to me at Sonar this year there’s this little beauty sitting in the mire of a fair bit of averageness on there: Pional mix of Stainboy – psychedelic house music… ooh yeah baby. Can’t find a vinyl copy nowhere tho!

Cameras ready, prepare to flash – dunno why, just heard it somewhere recently and this live version’s ace.

You sure make me feel like lovin you – just ace

Did you know about Paul Weller and his Style Council ‘house’ album? I didn’t. Db was telling me about it on my failed rave holiday! Check single promised land – just shocking. i don’t think i need to go the whole album.

Massive Attack new single remix – heavy sounding big system needed remix. original’s pretty amazing tho. so impressed with the recent album compared to recent efforts.

Roundhouse launching it’s own record label – K&D are playing there in October.

Romeo done? Romeo done

Oooh, come listen to me & Mcquaid’s nonsense as tonight (well Friday) we become Ransom Note DJs at the after-party for the Short & Sweet 3D festival @ Queen of Hoxton. Free cocktails, free entry, free music (to listen to). Come join us like. Email names to: