Mr. Tophat announces debut LP featuring Robyn, Axel Boman & more


The Swedish producer is set to release is his first full length album in the coming months across three parts. The long form collection of music will be titled “Dusk to Dawn” with the first element of the release expected on the 3rd of May later this year. The record features a number of key contemporaries from within Swedish electronic music, however it also features collaborations from wider sources including Swedish classical musicians Mats Bergström on guitar and Per-Erik Adamsson on flute. The release is forthcoming on his own Twilight Enterprise record label and Rudolf describes the inspiration behind the release as follows: 

“The first ideas of creating an actual album came in the spring of 2016, not long after the breakup from a long relationship. A dark time full of contemplation and re-evaluation of my life. That September I got the first sonic images, right after a month I’d spent living on Ibiza. The powerful sunsets, the dramatic skies over the Balearic sea, the starlit nights and the beautiful sunrises. They looked like Renaissance paintings by Rubens or Michelangelo. I remember swimming in the ocean with a view of a pretty horizon, filled with love and soft emotions. I remember standing alone in the pitch-black night, how I felt the Mediterranean storm and heavy rain hit my cheeks. It felt as I was crying and screaming, even though there was nothing but silence. The thunder lit up the cloudy sky like a strobe, to suddenly a few hours later with the turn of dawn bring everything into calm and peaceful nature – like everything was reset. This reminded me of life, death, primal aspects and the biological processes in general. As I made the album I was reading Derrida’s essay “Plato’s Pharmacy”. How he describes the moon and night has been an important influence on the record.”

A full tracklist and independent release dates can be seen below: 

“Dusk to Dawn” Part I out 3rd May 2019

1. Intro
2. Dusk to Dawn feat. Lune (Acoustic Version)
3. Lovisa
4. Vivid Imagination
5. Hedonism M.C. Robyn
6. Tears of Illimunations (vox)
7. Untitled

“Dusk to Dawn” Part II out 17th May 2019

1. Magic Trick feat. Axel Boman
2. Dusk to Dawn feat. Lune
3. Dusk to Dawn (Original Extended)
4. Time Lapse feat. Noomi
5. Acid Samba feat. Noomi
6. Pleiades
7. Balearic Moonwalk feat. Kleerup
8. Reflections of Light
9. Empyrean

“Dusk to Dawn” Part III out 7th June 2019 

1. Pharmakon
2. Indecision
3. Thoth
4. Alderamin feat. Anne Marie Almedal
5. Memento Mori
6. Twilight
7. Dark Observer
8. Solitude
9. Tugendhat (Outro)

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