Mr. G Readies New Album & Ep


Mr. G is set to please fans with a one-two smack round the chops of new releases. First up, on September 29th, G drops the 'Remote Viewing' EP on his Phoenix G label. The EP features 3 tracks – presumably of the kind of dirty jacking tech house G has long been loved for. Next up, an album of all new material titled 'Personal Moments' is planned for November 10th. "This one wrote itself over 10 days," G says of the album, the first work he has made since the death of his father. He added that it is "dedicated to those who have lost or [are] in pain and suffering!"

Tracklisting is as follows:

1. Faith
2. Hip Flexer
3. Interlude 2
4. DAD
5. Haze
6. G beatz pt 25
7. Thingz and Stuff (Mango Boy Red Eye Mix)
8. Lifes Riddimz (The Conversation)
9. Lot to Say
10. Angels (Ascending)
11. S O T Uz
12. Dark Heartz