Mount Liberation Unlimited launch new label MLU Private Press


To celebrate a brand new decade (and themselves) Swedish duo Mount Liberation Unlimited have announced their new label-not-label MLU Private Press. 

A self-proclaimed vanity project – “We looked ourselves in the mirror and all we saw was us” – the label will be an outlet for their sounds old and new; a aural representation of their many news spent making music together. 

They'll be kicking off proceedings on 14th February with the release of MLU Private Press #1, which features three tracks made over the last decade spanning energetic breakbeats, lost-and-found arpeggios and 70s loft rock.

The EP follows the duo's releases on Studio Barnhus, Superconscious Records, Permanent Vacation and Beats In Space Records. 

MLU Private Press #1 will be available digitally and on a small run of vinyl from 14th February.