mo kolours preps debut lp


One Handed Music have announced that the debut LP from Mo Kolours, self-titled and comprising 18 tracks,is set for release in March. 

Mo Kolours rootsy mix of Beatdown, Soul, Hip Hop, Funk and Sega (the traditional music of Mauritius) has garnered fans from across the musical spectrum – with three EPs to date showcasing the development of his singular sound.

One Handed Music recently upped album cut ‘Mike Black’ onto soundcloud and it hints at something more cohesive than the material on the EPs, with a sound pitched somewhere not a million miles from fellow lo-fi warbler Jai Paul. The feeling at R$N is that Mo Kolours star is set to rise high in 2014. 

‘Mo Kolours’ is due out on One Handed Music on 24th March. 

Check ‘Mike Black’ below: