Miles Simpson of THUNDER’s5 For Farr


As we might have already mentioned, it's SOCIETY loves Ransom Note week over at FARR towers this week and today's 5 for Farr comes courtesy of Thunder's Miles Simpson.

We're huge Thunder lovers as you may well know over at Ransom Note. SOCIETY have got more than a crush on em too.
For those that don't know them Thunder is a party that has quickly made Dalston basements and way beyond their own.

"Thunder is about house, the music played is underground house, techno and other stuff we like. Think Chicago and Clink Street, Detroit and Dalston, SoHo NYC and Soho LDN. Think bass, think basements, think sweat, think smoke and strobes. But this aint no retro thing, 1985 is relevant but so is tomorrow. "

They were the storm at the beginning of the tornado that was last year's Ransom Note loves SOCIETY tent jacking in an amazing set of sounds as the evening drew in. Miles Simpson of Thunder supplies today's 5 For Farr auditory delights ahead of their return to our tent next month at Farr. Go give your ears a good going over…


Trevino – Buried

Played this at the last Thunder party with DJ Nature and I havent been able to stop listening to it since. So emotive. Would work lying on a hay bale in the sun or heads down in the fug of a sweaty dance floor – perfect for that transition from night day.


First Choice – Love Thang (Genius of Time Edit) 

A re-edit in the loosest possible sense, its a complete rework really and is one of my biggest records of the year so far, the definitely sound of summer – just joyful music that cant fail to make you dance.


House of Whacks – Watersports

Rob Mellos old phone box prostitute advert card themed boompty house re-work of Arthur Russell and Walter Gibbons' Lets Go Swimming, its sleazy as fuck and is gonna sound perfect as things get hazy in that glade as the sun sets.


Soulphiction – Drama Queen

Another massive record for me, if Joey Longo was still making ace house music, I reckon it would sound like this. Its kind of jazzy, kind of loopy, and kind of brilliant. One of those records that builds and builds and then releases in a way you were never expecting. Always struggle not to just put the needle back to the beginning and play it again. And its on pink vinyl. Im a sucker for pink vinyl.


Larry Heard – Missing You

Simply one of the greatest summer records ever made, not matter what the weather is like outside, it baths you in sunshine. In fact, I can only really listen to this whilst wearing just a pair of speedos and a splash of Amber Solaire, and sipping a Fanta Limon.


Thunder play The Ransom Note Loves SOCIETY tent on 20th July…
Full details, including day tickets just released here.