Michael Mayer Interview


We caught up with one of Mr Kompakt Michael Mayer to hear his thoughts on January, Joy and extended sets…

Some people like to go away in January, some people get healthy or try and ‘be quiet’, do you have any January rituals you repeat each year?
I've already quit smoking before christmas so I'm basically done in the resolution department. This year, my lovely routine of spending the beginning of the year in South America or Mexico didn't work. The reason for these rather annoying circumstances are of a delightful nature though. My wife just gave birth to our daughter. It's simply to early to put her on a long haul flight. Next year we'll hopefully be back to "normal"…
Joy Orbison is playing at the January Sale also, how do you think his bass background will compliment your more 4×4 background? What do you think about the amazing cross-polination going on between bass and house and techno at the moment?
I've never seen Joy playing but I'm well aware of his productions, so that's going to be interesting. When I look at my record collection there seemed to be several moments when broken beats invaded my otherwise oh so straight life. Some years of oldschool hiphop, a brief flirt with classic elektro, a handful of triphop records, quite a lot of Brooklyn hardcore, Nu Groove and early UK breakbeat techno, this & that. My understanding of techno/house was always quite freeminded so naturally, I'm curious about any new development. I'd check around, cheat a little but then I'd run back to the love of my life: 4/4
You did the first 8 hour A Night With… marathon a few years ago and played for 12 hours at your Kompakt 12 part last year. Being very adept at playing extended sets how do they compare to the shorted sets that you play? Are the more abbreviated ones you – as you describe yourself – 'an entertainer' and the longer ones you as 'an educator' or is it always both?
I like longer sets much better because they allow me to dive more deeply into each genre. You know, I get unhappy if I wasn't able to play at least one disco record. When you play only two hours primetime it's sometimes hard to get there. Luckily, I'm not schizophrenic enough to let the entertainer and educator fight each others. But I like to think that the entertainer is overshadowing the educator on the most part.   
Through your work with Kompakt both as a label and a distribution company you must have a world of music at your finger tips, who would you advise us & our readers to watch out for in 2012?
As we speak I'm listening to MOHN, an upcoming project by my good friends and longtime collaborators Joerg Burger and Wolfgang Voigt. I must admit that I never heard anything like this before. It's like deep gothic kraut or wait… let's call it kroth. Sorry Mr Sherburne, I've coined this one. I'm also really excited about Terranova's comeback album that will be out in February. It's probably the classiest dance album we've released so far. No need to mention the new Whomadewho album… 
You like to bring something new to a night when you play out, something people haven’t heard… any hints as to what that might be at the Jan sale?
As I didn't play much in January I've got a whole wealth of new music I'm looking forward to play out.  
What do you think makes a good party?
An affable crowd, a fat sound system, turntables without feedbacks, cold drinks (icecubes!), enjoyable light 
What was the most satisfying project you’ve worked on so far?
Kompakt and my family.
Tell us of exciting things to come in 2012 from Mayer & the Kompakt empire.
Hush hush… I'm using my little baby break for some serious studio work. I have a dream… that one day my second solo album will be done.  
Roll on Saturday… 
 Check Michael's 12 hour Kompakt Total Megaset from last year.  A diversified array of electronic bliss. Enjoy!