Michael Mayer Contributes To Dj Kicks Series


Following last year’s full-length LP, ‘&’, which saw him collaborate with a host of contemporaries and friends, Michael Mayer is set to contribute to the renowned DJ Kicks series. Spanning sixteen tracks, the mix finds Mayer on "a musical journey that spans his ever-expanding record collection, and above all, his defining instinct to share the beauty of music with others". In the fifteen years since the debut of his celebrated 'Immer' trilogy, Mayer has released dozens of EPs, four albums and a plethora of remixes. A selection of those remixes including Kasper Bjørke, CSS and Dreems nesltle in this set which also features timeless cuts from SAVE!, Throbbing Gristle, Death In Vegas, Alter Ego and Jon Hopkins. “I'm constantly scanning my record collection for older tracks that could make new sense in a contemporary context”, reveals Mayer. “There's no system behind it. My record collection is too chaotic for a systematic approach. As much as it annoys me having to search for a particular record and often not finding it – during the search I'd always find 10 other records that deserve to be revisited.”

Michael Mayer – DJ Kicks is released by !K7 on 19th May 2017 and can be pre-ordered HERE

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