Michael Bundt


As my current role model Tracey Morgan once said even freaky deaky needs love and this lp is as freaky deaky as they come.

Many years ago, I like many of my generation had to answer some of the bigger questions in lifequestions like am I going to buy an lp called more psychedelic jazz? and the answer was of course yes!! Well, tucked at the end of this Atlantic Records grab bag (not to offend ,I mean that in a good way) of mental latin rock, r&b, jazzy psyche-ness lays in wait this mother fucker.

Michael Bundt definitely played bass in a 70s band called Nerve (never heard of them either) and seemed to have a serious bit of previous, but nothing I say will prepare you for what follows

It all starts with the sound of a jailer locking the cell door and his retreating foot steps and a waking synth. Then a hi-hat and a bassline that is gonna follow you for the next ten minutes. Then, more synths and then some sirens and then the beat really kicks with more synths and soundsystem effects echoing around, and then just as you start to relax in to this space age wonky groove (try to imagine the Mos Eisley Cantina on New Years Eve) comes the sound of horses, horses, horses, horses.

Yup, the whole thing just breaks down to the sound of charging stallions, cracking whips and red Indian style hollering before the bass line and synths come back to slowly build it back up, more sirens and then the beat comes galloping back in with avengeance. Then another breakdown to the sound of wild cheering and clapping before it starts ALL OVER AGAIN. Did I mention the track is called The Brain Of Oskar Panizza? so far so mental and between you and me this would be enough of a reason to get it if it wasnt for the rest of the lp. Next track Galaxy Machine sounds like the Orb and Sabres of Paradise trapped in a Mexican standoff. ‘Space & Roll could have been part of Suicide’s live set (this came out the same year as Suicides debut).’La chasse aux microbes’is an ambient spaced odyssey that could not be out of place on a Cluster or even Tomita lp. Tropic of Night Frost could easily soundtrack the beginning of Christiane F if the heroine was on the scout for some moondust rather than some scag and includes a spoken word segment that starts with the line “enraptured in rocknroll ecstasy

Just look into her/his sunglassed eyes on the cover and ask yourself the big question.

Black Fuzz