Melbourne Post-Punks Exek announce next LP ‘Some Beautiful Species Left’


Since R$N last spoke with discriminating Melbourne post-punks Exek, the group have pressed ever onward. An extended stretch of touring, including a jaunt across the US, and the release of ‘A Casual Assembly’, on Superior Viaduct imprint W. 25th, have maintained the momentum and promise exhibited on their compelling opening salvo ‘Biased Advice’ and on their accomplished follow up ‘Ahead of Two Thoughts’.

Compared with this earlier output ‘A Casual Assembly’ represented something of a wildcard, signalling a sense of offbeat invention which demonstrated an expansion in their ideas and execution. Like ‘A Clockwork Orange’ if backed by a series of Conny Plank productions, the release was centred on a surreal and farcical sci-fi narrative intoned, with tongue firmly in cheek, by frontman Albert Wolski.

The group continue their abiding prolific streak with the announcement of a new record titled ‘Some Beautiful Species Left’. The first track from the record, ‘Unetiquetted’, reprises recent themes explored by Wolski & co as well as longstanding touchstones. Referencing near futures and resembling a tightly conducted kraut-psychedelia that evokes a particularly spun-out and lowriding Michael Rother production, as well as some of the more strikingly bizarre moments of General Strike’s ‘Danger In Paradise’, this is one to rinse endlessly. An impressive foretaste from a record that, in these parts, comes highly recommended.

More details here.

‘Some Beautiful Species Left’ is out September 6th 2019.