Max Romeo – protest to the m1 remix


If nothing else, this is worthy of note for featuring a new Max Romeo vocal- recorded in London earlier this year. The reggae originator is still rolling with his social conscience Fed up, Fed up// can't tek no more// This is a cry out for the destitute and this time the lyrics are getting laid over 2 step, dub and UK Funky beats.

Pretty rare I get to hear an MC funky track with lyrics that aren't chatting banging, dashing or skanking so fair play. For this mix from Deville he sticks with the full vocal and pairs it with warping bass and rave ready drums. Pacheko takes things down to where dubstep used to sound. Think of those early skittering 12s from El-B and Tempa and you've got the idea, more a fusion of dub and garage than the metal music the genres evolved into. This is the first track I've heard from Senseless Records, and it's promising stuff.

Were allowed to post a full download of this – here and here – the password is maxx — lucky you lot.