Mala Announces New Album Mirrors, Stream ‘Kotos’


"A bridge joining Croydon and Lima."

The follow up to Mala's 2012 debut album Mala In Cuba, Mirrors was inspired by multiple trips that the producer made to Peru.

Once again, it seems Mala has gone seriously deep into another musical culture. Across 14 tracks, Mirrors features Afro-Peruvian percussionists, grassroots tap dancers, instruments made from donkey jawbone and dried-out pumpkins, and an Andean soprano.

Below you can stream lead track 'Kotos', which was born from a rare opportunity to record the pan pipe group Asociacion Juvenil Puno. A wonderful mesh of traditional Peruvian instrumentation and Mala's bass-weighted sonics.

Mirrors is out 10 June on Brownswood Recordings, pre-order here.