Made in Two Minutes #2


In the second installment of Made In Two Minutes, Ian McQuaid graces us with records from Debbie Malone and 2 Boasters, A Digestive & A Jammy Dodger (and they’re all still up for download for grab them quick!)

Debbie Malone – Rescue Me

Is this the greatest house track ever written? Id say its got the greatest intro if nothing else. I thought Id leave the crackles on the rip cos they just seem to fit with the nostalgic vibe of the track. I think youll see what I mean. 

Ive only uploaded the A1 club mix because the others dont really add too much, just a switched beat or missed vocal here and there. Ive not really got anything extra to say, because, well, it says it all by itself. Yearning; soulful; hard; deep; beautiful; whatever superlatives I come out with are gonna seem like limpid emotional button pushing compared to the feelingRescue Me delivers. Over the top? I dont think so.  A genuine high point for UK culture! 

2 Boasters, A Digestive & A Jammy Dodger – Were About To Take LSD

This EP from the laboriously named 2 Boasters, A Digestive & A Jammy Dodger doesnt mess about: Guess what? Theyre about to take LSD. Theyve used a surefire rave staple to let you know this – a sample from an educational film. Its teamed with some synths nicked from Orbitals iconicChime and a load of meaty breaks and the result is a much loved rave rarity. Im posting it here with both B Sides, as theyre brilliant slices of the breakbeat piano led hardcore that would come to rule in 92.

If you werent around in the 90s its hard to convey just how prevalent recreational drugs were as a theme in UK pop culture. Ive cant remember another time when the charts have been quite so pie eyed with songs dealing with every last nuance of nutted. On the poppy end of the scale were all the tracks exhorting you to fly away and get higher but these were really just a distillation of the more explicit rave hits that came straight out and gleefully paid tribute to getting battered. Every now and then a track would slip through from the underground and youd be able to enjoy the squirming of a daytime radio jock introducing, say, Everything Begins With An E

Obviously this white label never bothered the charts – theres a fairly clear line between cheeky and shameless, and I guess this leaped right over it. Its a banger though, enjoy. 


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