Luke Vibert announces three LP’s in new series


The prolific longstanding UK producer is set to showcase the breadth and variety of his own production palette in the studio as he readies three LP's for Hypercolour which each reflect a different take on electronic music. One album will be released in May, June and July as part of the Luke Vibert "Presents" series. 

The first album will see Luke revive his Amen Andrews alias, a moniker which has been unused in over ten years. He draws for the breaks across fourteen tracks which will work wonders on the dancefloor. 

The second album is focussed on "Modern Rave". A term which reflects the state of the present dance music industry, lead by hooks, high points and simplistic beauty. 

The third album is geared towards "Rave Hop" and features a mish mash of dance music inspired elements which are layered accordingly alongside hip hop, lo fi and more. 

The series can be purchased HERE