Lost 1987 Derrick May Productions Surface


Somehow we missed this one, but it's worth noting – next week Phonica are exclusively selling 300 copies of a 12" featuring 2 previously lost Derrick May cuts, produced in 1987 under his Mayday guise. Here's what the record store has to say about this rare find:

"It's not often a record of this magnitude drops into Phonica. 2 original Derrick May productions from 1987 – never before released – shelved from a Pheerce Citi (a KMS off shoot) acetate and forgotten till this day. These limited edition versions of these undiscovered gems feature the original 'Acetate' artwork from the 1987 studio session. Re recorded and pitched up elements of 'The Darkside' were used on Derrick May's seminal 'The Innovator' album as 'Phantom / Phantom Lurks' interludes but never as a whole track (they were just used as 70/90 second snippet interludes) and the B side 'Tic Tic Tic' as far as we are aware has never been heard to this day."

Pre order the 12 here

In other May related news, the Detroit pioneer was recently announced as headliner at Croatia's Electric Elephant festival. May will be taking to the decks in the festivals all night club venue Barbarelllas Discotheque, joining the likes of Chez Damier, MCDE, Horse Meat Disco, and Ransom Note's very own Thunder – check the flyer below for more details