Los Massieras To Release ‘We Don’t Need’ Ep


Cold, mechanical dub. How does that figure? It's bizarre but Los Masseiras, a trio consisting of Hugo Capablanca, Andrew Claristidge and Satch Hoyt, from Berlin known usually for their boogie re-edits, has done it. 'We Don't Need…' is a disco track on the surface, but dig around in it's sound and we're hearing elements as unexpected and alien as those in a William Onyeabour record. Icy synths meet dub rhythms and basslines, with unmistakably boogie-tinged vocals. The track doesn't stay still, it searches and progresses in a distinctly aloof fashion. "We Don't Need This Disco Thing" is the message and you'd almost believe it too. The way the sluggish, dub pace suggests Los Masseiras could be doing anything more interesting with their time, but that is pure front. 'We Don't Need…' is the sound of three experimenters who just can't shake the light-up dancefloor from their blood despite their Can-like meanderings and the result is a kind of clockwork, but not static, dub.

'Black Moon' on the flipside offers something of a trip, with go-to eastern sounds given a whole new treatment, whereby the more usual sampling of whole melodies is by-passed for chopped and looped singular sounds. 'The Disintegration Of Berlin' is a reflective piece with punchy synths reminiscent of OMD, and really quite beautiful in its slightly off-beat melody.

The six-tracker 'We Don't Need…' is out on 12" vinyl on WYN & M Records from 18th September, featuring the three tracks mentioned above plus remixes from Parallax Octet and Turzi.

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